About: Why Physical Therapy News?

Our Goal

Talus Media is a group of fresh physical therapy professionals and students committed to bringing their audience members up-to-date unbiased physical therapy news and stories within the physical therapy world. As a team, we strive to provide our listeners not only the facts, but to offer a platform of transparency where the voices and thoughts of individuals within the profession can be heard.

What We’re Talking About

Founded and led by Rachel Jermann, PT, DPT, Talus Media currently has two running podcasts: Talus Media News (TMNews) and Talus Media Talks (TMTalks). Tune in to TMNews for the latest physical therapy news affecting the profession. Topics covered have thus far included healthcare reform, new research, state legal battles, changes in educational standards, and the opioid crisis. TMTalks, a subsidiary of TMNews, offers listeners who crave longer podcasts full coverage, in-depth interviews with the profession’s preeminent experts and thought leaders featured on TMNews. So far, we have had the pleasure of hearing from Tara Jo Manal, the 2017 John H.P. Maley Lecturer, on the topic of practice standardization, Lisa Saladin, APTA VP, on the movement system, Keaton Ray, the Communications and Outreach Team Chair, on how to get involved with PT Day of Service, and Jason Bellamy, APTA VP of Communications on the opioid crisis.

Why Now?

The launch of Talus Media comes at a fitting time. In light of the rapid and innovative changes within the physical therapy profession, it is important that the media landscape of physical therapy be critically transformed as well. At Talus Media, we understand our call to take it to the next level. At least once a week, we will be bringing its listeners valuable updates from within the physical therapy arena.

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