TM Talks: ABPTRFE Standards: Tammy Burlis, Chair of ABPTRFE

Tammy Burlis, Chair of the American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education (ABPTRFE), joins us on behalf of the Board to discuss the new quality standards. Tammy shares that they are aware of the current climate of the residency and fellowship community, but are also trying to do what’s best for the current state of the profession while planning for the future.

Tammy takes the time to discuss ABPTRFE’s position and addresses the concerns as expressed by certain programs in response to the new standards.

Areas of comment include:
1. What is the difference between residency and fellowship?
2. What’s is the future of post-graduate education looking like?
3. What drove the need for developing new quality standards?
4. What are your thoughts on how the new standards may affect scalability of post-graduate programs?
5. How is the ABPTRFE planning to address the concerns of fellowship programs in regards to the change in admission criteria?

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