TMTalks: Bladder Health: Carrie Pagliano, Section on Women’s Health

Did you know November is recognized as Bladder Health Awareness Month? Urinary incontinence isn’t just treated with kegels and doesn’t only affect the female geriatric patient. We talked about it with Vice President of APTA’s Women’s Health Section, Carrie Pagliano.

Listen to find out:
What you can do to help these patients even if you’re not a pelvic PT.
Is it possible to have a tiny bladder?
How should you screen these patients for problems?
Where you can go to find more information or continuing education.

Important links:
Twitter: @Womens_PT

Recent Research:
Pelvic floor muscle function and urinary incontinence in the female athlete. The Physician and Sportsmedicine Journal. Nov 2017.
Urinary incontinence in physically active young women: prevalence and related factors. International Journal of Sports Medicine. Sept 2017.

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