Data: Heather Smith on The Physical Therapy Outcomes Registry

In a health care system that is trying to achieve the triple aim effect, physical therapy is gearing up to meet those expectation through The Physical Therapy Outcomes Registry. The purpose of the registry is to provide data that demonstrates value to the consumers and payers of physical therapy. We dive deeper into the implications this outcome registry will have on the profession and talked with Heather Smith, program director of quality for the American Physical Therapy Association.

Listen to the Full Interview with Heather Smith for information on:

Purpose of the Physical Therapy Outcome Registry

How the Physical Therapy Outcome Registry can be used to improve clinical decision making

The announcement by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services approving the Physical Therapy Outcomes Registry to collect and report under the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System.

How to register

Future direction of the Physical Therapy Outcome Registry

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