Talus Media: The Origin Story Not Told By Marvel

I am often asked: “What is Talus?” and “What’s the Point?”

In this season of new beginnings, lists, and resolutions which accompany the New Year it seems fitting to answer these questions for our listeners as well affirm our identity for ourselves.

Talus is the brains of 8 people who spend their time keeping up with current events. To get technical, we’re a multimedia news company that takes what we know and answers your question “but how do I find that information? Why is it relevant to me?” 

I attended the Private Practice Section Graham Sessions in January of 2017. It was part of a 2 month road trip down the east coast that I embarked on to avoid paying rent for two months. I was on break from school, and had nowhere to be, so winding up at the big brainstorming event of the year for the PT profession seemed like a great idea. It was.

There was an intense discussion on “getting off the island” (which, if you’re interested in, you should check out Meredith Castin’s blog: The Non-Clinical PT). That’s a story for a different day. But there was also an intense discussion on communication–how do we, as a profession, communicate what we do to others. I know this is a major source of debate and general consternation. It has brought many a PT to arms on social media. But what I found more disturbing than that, is that we don’t seem to have a good way to talk to each other. Where does the information come from? APTA? Who decides what’s important to PT? Who reports on the intricacies of the association and the profession so that we can all start from a common ground?

I was “involved” all the way through PT school. My first conference was National Student Conclave, conveniently held in Milwaukee (I went to UW-Milwuakee) and I was hooked. So from  month 5 of PT school, I kept up with PT news. I went to the Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association board meetings. I ran for the inaugural board of the Student Special Interest Group. I worked with PT Pintcast for 8 months. My mentors pointed me to information. I asked questions. But the farther I got into school, the more I realized that I was an anomaly. Not that I was alone, but I was not the majority. The question that was most frequently asked was “how you do know that information?”

When I reflect on that question, the answer isn’t as simple as “I read it.” Because, aside from the APTA’s PT in Motion news, there is no source that tells a PT news story from start to finish. My path to knowing things usually started with a) reading something or b) talking to someone or c) a question. And it dawns on me that a) many people don’t know what to read or b) who to talk to or c) what question to ask. And most importantly, even if you figure those things out, then what? Not everyone has a person to ask. Not everyone has a program director, a mentor, a friend to point things out and say “This is important.”

Here at Talus Media, we are new grads and students. We are the ones who sit and read APTA board meeting minutes for fun. We follow legislation breathlessly (some of us watch CSPAN on a regular basis *ahem* Ian MacMurdie). When something happens with dry needling, we catch wind of it. Because that’s what drives us–it’s fun. And so Talus Media is our brainchild–it’s our pay it forward. It’s our answer to every person who has asked us how we know something, or where can I find more information. It’s our attempt to put what’s in our heads into the PT world so that we all start the same distance from the finish line.

(Does this sound like you? Please join us!!)

We’re evolving, because we’ve realized that we can’t be just a podcast or just a blog because that’s not how we seek information. We know that’s not how you absorb information. Our goal is to create a news experience–a place where you go to find everything from podcasts to headlines to editorials just on physical therapy news. We strive to remain unbiased so that we can all be informed.

We don’t know all the answers or how all the dots connect. But that’s really the fun part.

So here we are, at the beginning of 2018. We will continue to grow this year. We will continue to share our information with you.

Most importantly, we’ll continue doing what we love.

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Happy New Year from Team Talus!