The Pro Bono Incubator: Changing Our Communities. A Series.

Physical therapists love to serve. Josh D’Angelo and Efosa Guobadia, co-founders of MoveTogether, believed that those serving their communities should be supported, and, if possible funded. Thus, the Pro Bono Incubator was born. Ciara Burgi, the PBI Director, reflects back on the first year of the Pro Bono Incubator in her editorial:

“Reflecting back since the first time I heard Move Together’s mission statement only 18 months ago – when the Pro Bono Incubator was only an idea – I’m incredibly proud of where the program is now. In our first grant cycle we had the pleasure of reading through 15 inspiring applications. We were able to split $10,000 in funding between 6 incredible recipients. We’ve been able to connect 7 organizations with our pool of 5 experienced mentors. And in only 4 months, our grant recipients have provided over 300 client contact hours, served over 104 clients, and engaged over 97 rehabilitation professionals in pro bono work.”

As founder of Talus Media, it was a great honor and pleasure to interview these physical therapists and students who serve their communities (and inspire me!). I hope you enjoy the series! You can find all the episodes on iTunes here.


In this first episode in the series, we chat with Josh D’Angelo, co-founder of MoveTogether. He answers the following:

  • What is the Pro Bono Incubator?
  • What excited you most when you read that first round of applications for the PBI?
  • What are you looking forward to in the 2018 application cycle?
  • Do you have to be a typical “clinic” to apply?
  • Where do I find the application? (You find it here! Applications are open March 1-April 31)


Ever wonder what it takes to get out in the community when you’ve had a stroke? Have MS? What about other neurological conditions? Carol Ann Nelson, physical therapist and executive director for Destination Rehab, a nonprofit located in Bend, OR, helps clients find their way in the community and gives them the confidence to venture out on their own.

  • What inspired you to start Destination Rehab?
  • Describe Bend for me–it’s an active community, what are your clients missing out on?
  • Favorite patient story?
  • What is your plan for the PBI grant money?

Check out Destination Rehab here!

Sara Scarbro is a second year student at the University of Minnesota. She’s also a volunteer at the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic, a nonprofit pro bono clinic that serves a community with the highest concentration of impoverished and uninsured people in all of Minneapolis, in addition to the greater Twin Cities metro area. Sara is passionate about increasing access to physical therapy services for the patients at the clinic–they are able to work with a variety of professions, including nurses and doctors to provide collaborative care for their patients.

  • What inspires you most about working at the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic?
  • How do you advocate for the physical therapy profession in that setting?
  • You have an incredible opportunity to work with other professions before graduation–how do you think physical therapy is perceived?
  • What can you do with the funds for you received from the Pro Bono Incubator?

Check out the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic here!


Misericordia University Physical Therapy just started their pro bono clinic in March of 2017. The clinic serves a low income area, and provides services to both pediatric and adult populations. It grew out of passionate students and a community need. Maureen, the faculty advisor, and Julie, a third year student, sit down to chat about their clinic.

  • What’s your clinic look like? Do you work with other professions?
  • You also serve a pediatric population–what’s that like?
  • What’s your favorite patient story? (Follow up–you have sonography at your school?!)
  • What’s the pro bono PT community like?
  • How does this clinic grow the PT community in Dallas, PA? How does it impact your PT class?


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This series is in collaboration with Move Together, a 501(c)3 nonprofit providing access to physical therapy services around the corner, and around the globe. You can find the Pro Bono Incubator application at!