Things I Learned on Social Media About Physical Therapy in 2018

(Originally published on Facebook and reproduced here with permission from Jason Colenzo, PTA)

I’ve done a post like this the previous two years and felt that we needed another refresher. Figured its lunch time at a job I have 16 days left at so I’m presenting this awesome list.

1)There are three billing codes: therex, therapeutic activity/education, and deadlifting.

1a) Personal addendum: If you use the deadlifting billing code you must deadlift more than 405. Sorry to anyone who doesn’t.

2) Manual therapy doesn’t do anything and anyone who uses it is a shaman and must be eviscerated from Earth.

3) If any therapist mentions a foam roller, the Vulgar Display of Therapists has free reign to destroy the clinicians credibilities, credit score, mortgage, and both personal and business bank accounts.

4) You are allowed to incinerate an ideology because it sucks but if anyone critiques your exercise technique, it’s mandatory you throw an online hissy fit and recruit the other Vulgar Display of Therapy (VDOT) members to bludgeon the person into submission just because.

5) Dry needling is useless except for biceps femoris and the obturators. Both muscles have been scientifically proven to enjoy stabbing.

6) Research is the highest degree of fact in an argument. Your clinician friend with a cool blog who says everything sucks is a close second.

7) Anything published before April 2018 is antiquated garbage because we’re progressive and modern.

8.) The PSIS Dimples of Doom are still capable with 98% accuracy of predicting an SIJ dysfunction.

9) If a therapist is spreading a message on IG or Facebook about fascia, you are by executive order signed into law allowed to show up at their house and strangle their cats.

9a) If the therapist mentions Thomas Myers and Fascial Lines, the family bird gets it too.

10) If a person speaks little English, its your responsibility to discuss the nervous systems influence on pain in medical terms to catch them up to speed on the language


Jason Colenzo graduated from Herkimer County Community College in May 2012 with an AAS degree and became a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant in October 2012. In 2014, he obtained his certification in  Neurokinetic Therapy, a manual therapy protocol designed to assess the body as a whole system rather then “individual parts”. His clinical interests include shoulder and hip pathologies, gait assessments, movement patterning, and neurological rehabilitation including post stroke, Parkinson’s, and Multiple Sclerosis. Outside of the clinic, he can be found either in the gym, on a paddle board, biking, or donning running shoes and crawling up hills just a little faster than snail’s pace. In the winter he enjoys skiing, especially in Colorado. He is a huge metal head and punk rock  fan, but he’s been retired from the mosh pit for a number of years now. He has 3 dogs at a combined weight of 30lbs so ankles of all ages beware!

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