TMNews: #6: July 24, 2017: Healthcare, the Therapy Cap, and Nutrition in the PT World

In this Monday, July 24th episode of Talus Media News, we’re covering the latest developments in healthcare. The BCRA is out…or is it? What’s the deal with repeal only? The Medicare Cap repeal legislation is in the House. We bring you the latest on this legislation that lost by 2 votes in 2015. We talk state legal battles with correspondent John LaRue, the latest in clinical practice guidelines, and nutrition with correspondent Emma Lam.

Medicare Therapy Cap Legislation: 

Clinical Practice Guidelines

  • Find the article from JOSPT, entitled Hip Pain and Mobility Deficits-Hip Osteoarthritis: Revision 2017 here.
  • The JWHPT published its first clinical practice guidelines for physical therapists treating pelvic girdle pain, aka PGP, in the antepartum population. Find the link to the full article here

State Legal Battles

Nutrition and Physical Therapy


This episode made possible by correspondents Ian MacMurdie, Ryan Pawloski, Christa Trumbull, John LaRue, Cait Cederholm, and Emma Lam. Episode directed by Eric Robertson, produced by Rachel Jermann, and edited by Mariah Gardner.

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