TMTalks: Residency & Fellowship: Joe Farrell on the founding of AAOMPT

In this episode, Rachel Jermann sits down with Joe Farrell, first president of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists (AAOMPT). With the recent (and promised) changes to residency and fellowship, Joe looks back on the beginnings of AAOMPT. Why was AAOMPT started? What were the goals? How did specialization evolve? Was the pen and paper test always the way we wanted it? We dive down the rabbit hole of acronyms to help you understand how it all fits.

If you’re looking for help decoding some of the acronyms used in the interview, check out our post decoding the alphabet soup here.

  • [2:00] Tell us a little bit about how the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists started.
  • [8:00]What were the goals of AAOMPT?
  • [10:15] The state of the American Board of Physical Therapy Residency & Fellowship: “Perhaps in the year 2018, we need some significant oversight of ABPTRFE.”
  • [13:00] Is it the role of ABPTRFE to set the standards for residency and fellowship?
  • [14:00] Could you end up with a two-tiered fellowship system?
  • [16:00] “They’re still passionate…you sit down at an AAOMPT meeting over a coffee or a drink and…everyone still has their opinions.”
  • [19:15] What’s the difference between specialization and residency/fellowship? (ABPTS=American Board of Physical Therapy Specialization)
  • [21:20] Did the specialization board consider a practical exam? (Hint: yes, and the entire original board quit)
  • [23:00] What’s an OSCE?
  • [24:00] “We all decided to resign. En masse….Because we felt so strongly that there should be a practical exam.”
  • [28:00] Will those who specialize make more money? “It’s an internal organization kudo…”
  • [32:00] “The average DPT is significantly more prepared than when my wife and I graduated.”
  • [34:15] Do you support the mandatory residency model?
  • [38:00] Why should you join the APTA? Why should you join AAOMPT?

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