TMNews: #19: Nov 6, 2017: Medicare Cap & CMS Updates; Bladder Health Awareness Month

It’s Monday, November 6th. We have good news for you on the home health front, the Medicare cap has a fighting chance at being repealed, New York has title protection for the DPT designation, and it’s the start of bladder health awareness month!

Title Protection:
New York joins 20 other states who have previously protected the title of “DPT”. To find out what title protections your state has (including “PT”) check out this resource through APTA.
These are the states that have protected the “DPT” designation:

Movement on the Medicare Cap

On October 26th the house and senate announced bipartisan agreement on a permanent repeal of the annual Medicare therapy caps. In the current proposal, PT, OT and speech-language pathology services would no longer have a hard cap and the threshold for targeted medical review would be lowered. The next step on the road to repeal is determining how to offset increased costs associated with the elimination of the cap.
Want to advocate for Medicare cap repeal? Download the PTaction app.
For more on the cap listen to our full interview with Justin Elliott on Talus Talks.

Home Health Groupings Model Dropped…for now.

If you’re a home health PT, CMS had some good news for you this week. The Home Health Groupings Model, or HHGM, represented significant cuts in Medicare reimbursement for home health and was removed from their 2018 proposal. The HHGM could have cut home health reimbursement significantly. Over 1300 comments on the proposal led CMS to hold off its implementation. The HHGM may make a reprise down the road, however. While some factors of the proposal may eventually be implemented, others require more study prior to implementation. The change from a 60 day plan of care to a 30 day, for instance, was particularly unpopular.
For previous coverage on the HHGM from Talus Media News, click HERE.

National Bladder Health Awareness Month

Carrie Pagliano weighs in on Bladder Health Awareness Month–how can you make the most out of this month? Check out her full interview here.

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