TMNews #25 – Feb. 12th, 2018. Joe Reinke on Loan Repayment, Therapy Cap Repeal, PTA Reimbursement, HoD Ushers Needed, & Florida Dry Needling

It’s Monday, February 12th, and we have a lot of PT news for you! The most recent government funding bill repealed the therapy cap, but had some unwelcome surprises for therapy providers. The House of Delegates is looking for volunteer ushers, and Florida moves to add dry needling to their practice act. Finally, Rachel Jermann spoke with Joe Reinke of FITBUX to further demystify your student loan questions. Let’s dive right in!

Listen to the full interview with Joe Reinke here!

Therapy Cap

The spending bill that kept the government open finally included a repeal of the dreaded Medicare therapy cap. While there is still a KX modifier after $2,010 and a manual medical review required after passing a $3,000 dollar threshold, there is no longer a hard cap. Excellent work to everyone that contacted Congress on behalf of this legislative initiative, this was a fight over 20 years in the making and we’ve been able to claim a more permanent victory. 

Want to know more about the cap repeal? Check out Talus Media coverage on the cap here and here.

PTA/COTA Reimbursement Changes

While the therapy cap was repealed, there was something else regarding physical therapy lurking in the spending bill. Starting in 2022, services furnished by PTAs will be reimbursed at 85% of the level they would normally be reimbursed at. This addition was not requested or even known to the APTA, who have come out against the change. We’ll keep you updated as more details emerge. Again, this change came out of left field for most of us. Be sure to check for more information.

Confused about the PTA changes? We put together the facts of the reimbursement change here


House of Delegate Usher Applications Open

The APTA has opened the usher applications for this years House of Delegates, to be held June 25-27 in Orlando, FL, direclty preceding the NEXT conference. The application is open to PT and PTA students. Check out the link in the show notes!

Interested in being a volunteer? You can find the application here.

Florida Dry Needling

On Feb. 8th, the Florida PT Board approved a measure adding dry needling to their PTs scope of practice. Note, this is NOT the finalized rule, and does NOT enable PTs to dry needle quite yet. It must go through a comment process and ultimately be adopted in its final form prior to practice. We’ll keep you updated with the process as it evolves!

Check out the release from the Florida PT Association here.