TMNews #33: April 9, 2018: Marquette Challenge, APTA Opposes HR620, BCBS Reaches Deal in Texas, & Ken Olsen, President of IFOMPT

It’s Monday, April 9th, and here are some headlines impacting PT this week. The Foundation for Physical Therapy’s Marquette Challenge is wrapping up later this month, the APTA further reiterates its opposition to HR 620, and Texas Health Resources reaches a last-minute deal with BCBS.

Finally, we continue our dive into the residency and fellowship alphabet soup. Rachel Jermann sits down with Ken Olsen, current president of the International Federation of Orthopedic Manipulative Physical Therapists, or IFOMPT.

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Marquette Challenge Wraps Up Later this Month

The Marquette Challenge, a fundraising effort by PT and PTA students through the Foundation for Physical Therapy will wrap up later this month. The goal this year is to surpass a threshold of 4 million total dollars raised towards PT research. The deadline for donations is April 26th, and you can donate here.

HR 620 Gears up for Fight in the Senate – APTA Reiterates Opposition

HR 620, or the ADA Education and Reform Act, is facing strong opposition in the Senate, but stakeholders continue to keep up the pressure. The bill would put in place lengthy waiting periods potentially jeopardizing individual’s ability to file a lawsuit for equitable building access as stipulated by Article 3 of the Americans with Disabilities Act. With the fight brewing in the Senate, the APTA has reiterated it’s opposition to the bill.

Katy Neas, Executive Vice President of Public Affairs for the APTA, had this to say: “The ADA was landmark civil rights legislation barring discrimination on the basis of disability that was long overdue when it was signed into law more than 25 years ago, This attempt to erode the rights guaranteed in the ADA runs counter to the values of the physical therapy profession and its commitment to assisting all people with disabilities to set and achieve high goals.”

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Texas Health and Blue Cross Reach Last-Minute Agreement

Texas Health, a major health system and provider group in Texas, reached a last-minute agreement with Blue Cross, ensuring that patients would continue to receive coverage. The contract, which would have expired at Midnight on April 1st, ensures that there will be no disruption in service to patients in the state. Texas Health covers an area of North Central Texas home to roughly 7 million people.


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