TMNews: #38: May 28, 2018: IL gets Direct Access, PTAs get the vote in NY, CMS launches Rural Strategy, & John’s Research Corner takes on VR

It’s Monday, May 28th–It’s Memorial Day! Please take a moment to remember all those who have died in military service. We’re excited to be back after our two week break here at Talus Media. It definitely hasn’t been dull–Illinois is now just waiting on the governor’s signature for direct access, the Florida Board of Physical Therapy has put forth a bill that would allow dry needling, New York PTAs now have a full vote in the NYPTA assembly, and CMS put forth a rural initiative. For those who might be considering where to get licensed as the summer NPTE approaches, the Physical Therapy Licensure Compact is growing. This week, correspondent John LaRue is back with John’s Research Corner to discuss Virtual Reality Intervention.