TMNEWS #39: June 4, 2018: APTA’s NEXT, #ChoosePT, VA Medicaid Expansion, MI Mandatory Reporting, WCPT and ICRC Team Up, ft. Justin Dunaway and Morgan Denny from STAND: The Haiti Project

It’s Monday, June 4th, and here are your PT headlines for the week. APTA’s NEXT conference is coming up at the end of the month, a new study further solidifies the benefit of getting PT 1st, Michigan expands Mandatory Reports, Virginia expands Medicaid, and WCPT and the Red Cross solidify their partnership.  Finally, correspondent Whitney Doiron chats with STAND: The Haiti Project’s Justin Dunaway and Morgan Denny.

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  • APTA’s NEXT is coming up at the end of the month! Stay tuned for Talus coverage of the House of Delegates.

Research News

A new study published last week adds to a body of evidence that paints a clear message – Choosing PT First for low back pain reduces costs and addictive opioid prescription rates. The study, published in the Journal of Health Services Research, shows that opioid prescription rates, overall health care utilization, and out of pocket costs are lower when a Physical Therapist was the first professional seen for an episode of low back pain. This finding provides even more evidence to support the deployment and reimbursement of direct access physical therapy care for low back pain.

Be sure to check out the whole study here


State News

First, some changes to mandatory reporting in Michigan. According to the MPTA, a bevy of changes to Michigan law regarding reporting of suspected sexual abuse passed last week, adding PTs and PTAs to the list of mandatory reporters of child abuse. In addition to expanding the reporting of abuse, the penalties for not reporting were increased and additional training on recognizing assault was mandated for all health professionals.


Next, we move on to Virginia, where on May 30th state legislators moved to expand Medicaid, joining 32 other states who have done the same since the passage of the Affordable Care Act. An additional 400,000 people will be eligible for Medicaid in Virginia. Expanded Medicaid work requirements were included in the bill–Republicans push for this, while Democrats argue that this will increase racial discrimination and denied coverage to those with mental health issues or opioid addiction. We’d love to hear from you if these Medicaid expansions have affected your practice. Please reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook!


WCPT Solidifies Partnership with the Red Cross

The World Confederation of Physical Therapy and the International Committee of the Red Cross signed a Memorandum of Understanding, or MOU, solidifying their partnership last week. This MOU will upgrade the role of physiotherapists in nations where the WCPT has a lower profile, and promote WCPT standards to improve physiotherapist services nationwide, according to a press release by WCPT. This agreement comes at an opportune time; the American Physical Therapy Association’s House of Delegates will address the role of US physical therapists in the role of disaster management this coming June.

Be sure to check out the WCPT’s Press Release here.