TMNews: #41: June 18, 2018: Updates on the PT Compact, the PROSPER Act, ACA AG Battle & House of Delegates

It is Monday, June 18th! Happy belated Father’s Day! 


  • The PROSPER Act is still not moving. It is awaiting a floor vote in the House, but sources speculate that whip counts have not been favorable, and it’s becoming increasingly unlikely that this will make it to the floor. Again, this legislation affects you if you have federal student loans.
  • South Carolina joined a growing swell of states signing on to the PT Compact this week, becoming the 21st state to join the compact. As we reported last week, the Compact is expecting to start issuing privileges in July.
  • The APTA, AOTA, and ASHA received a national award for their collaboration on the “stop the cap” initiative. Together, they won the 2018 Power of A Gold Award given out by The American Society of Association Executives. This honors these combined associations on their teamwork to better the community around them. The Stop The Cap program is now in the running with 5 other programs for ASAE’s Summit Award.

Another lawsuit threatens the ACA (Obamacare) – But now the Federal Government won’t Defend it. 

So, the ACA has another lawsuit filed against it – what’s new, right? Well, kind of a lot, this time around. Several states, headlined by the state of Texas, are suing and claiming that since the individual mandate got zeroed out by Congress, the whole law is unconstitutional now. Sounds similar to other lawsuits, right? This time, however, the Federal Government has said they won’t defend the law – specifically that they “can’t find a non-frivolous argument” to defend it. This not only threatens the mandate to have health coverage, or some of the payments the government makes to insurance companies to make coverage more affordable – it could get rid of protections for those with pre-existing conditions as well. This provision, among many very popular ACA provisions, is also impossible to separate from the law, and thus would also be struck down if the ACA is deemed unconstitutional.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the lawsuit just goes to the plaintiff. Several other states, led by California State AG Xavier Becerra, have filed a petition to step in and defend the law, and most think they have a pretty good case. Another reason to be confident? These protections are popular, and midterms are coming up. Neither party in Congress wants anything to do with threatening healthcare for millions in an election year.

We’ll definitely keep an eye on this lawsuit for you, and keep you updated as anything comes up throughout the process. Be sure to keep an eye on the newsletter, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter @TalusMedia.

The House of Delegates is coming up!

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