TMNews: #48: Aug 6, 2018: CMS Final Rule: PDPM, HHS rules on new health plans, KT Tape Pays Out, & FAQ on the PT Compact

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FAQ: The Physical Therapy Licensure Compact:

  • There are states in the compact, and states issuing privileges, what’s the difference?
    • There are 21 states in the compact. However, only 5 of those states (Oregon, Missouri, Mississippi, North Dakota, & Tennessee) are currently actively issuing privileges. The other 16 states are working on getting the issuing process in place–stay tuned!
  • What do I have to do to get privileges?
    • Your home state MUST be in one of the states that is actively issuing privileges. Then you are able to go to to apply for privileges in any other state that is actively issuing privileges.
  • If I’m in a compact state, do I hold a multi-state license?
    • No, you have to apply for privileges in each state you want to practice in?
  • Will I get a paper wallet card/wall certificate for each state I hold privileges in?
    • No, you will get a receipt when you apply for privileges, but no paper copy. Your employer & the public will be able to search for your privileges via