TMNews: #57: October 15, 2018: APTA’s Student Assembly Elects New Board, Mobility Assessments Under-utilized, & Ft. John’s Research Corner: US + PF

It’s Monday, October 15, 2018: Download the episode here on iTunes or here on Stitcher (or, where ever you listen!)


President – Cameron Massumi
Vice President – Lynne Hibbard
Secretary – Kayla Harris
Director of Membership – Kaylee Pobocik
Director of Communications – Kyle Stapleton
Student Delegate – Kate Zenker
Director of SPTA Relations – Brittanie Brantley
Nominating Committee Chair Elect – Jake Raecker
Nominating Committee Member – Sara Scarbro

John’s Research Corner: Ultrasound Fails at Treating Plantar Fasciitis

A recent article in the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy recently released ahead of print a paper titled “Additive Effect of Therapeutic Ultrasound in the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis: A Randomized Controlled Trial.” The paper was written by 5 researchers, all hailing from the country of Israel.

John: I chose this particular article because I think when we as physical therapists think of an application for therapeutic ultrasound, we often think of some of the most popular superficial conditions. Heat up the tissue, promote soft tissue healing, and in combination with therapeutic structured exercise and a solid home exercise program, the patient should be on the right track. Maybe not so fast, says these authors…. TUNE IN for more details! 

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