TMNews: #63: Dec 3, 2018: Students in IRF, Texas Shoots for Direct Access, & Ft. Donna Metzger, live from APPTAC

It’s Monday, December 3, 2018: Download the episode here on iTunes or here on Stitcher (or, where ever you listen!)


  • CMS clarifies: Student are not qualified practitioners in inpatient rehab and acute care facilities; the Academy of Physical Therapy Education released an update here.
  • Texas is trying for direct access yet again. The state is one of 4 states which require a referral in order to see a physical therapist. The Texas Physical Therapy Association is encouraging you to contact your state representatives to co-sponsor HB 29 in the House.
  • GetPT1st is coming to an app on your phone! Sean Hagey, founder of the movement, states that the app will include ways for patients to find physical therapists near them, as well as get general information. Check out his video on Twitter here.
  • Betsy DeVos has stated that student loan debt is a “crisis”; Forbes magazine lists total student loan debt as over $1.5 trillion.

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Featuring Donna Metzger, pediatric physical therapist, live from the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Annual Conference! 

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