TMTalks: Claire Steagall, RN with STAND: The Haiti Project, General Medicine

Have you ever dreamed of taking your Physical Therapy skills to an underserved population and immersing yourself in the culture of the area? Justin Dunaway PT, DPT, OCS and Morgan Denny PT, DPT founded a non-profit organization that carries out this dream. STAND (Sustainable Therapy and New Development) The Haiti Project is a pro bono clinic serving over 900 patients a trip in Port-de-Paix, Haiti. They cover areas such as Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Pelvic Health, Neuro, adaptive device and prosthetic construction, general medicine and community education panels. Volunteers from across the country travel to join in on this amazing experience only to come home humbled by the resilience and gratitude of the people of Haiti.

Welcome to week 7 of #STANDSaturday covering another corner of the clinic, this time among the interdisciplinary team – General Medicine. Born and raised in Georgia, Claire Steagall, RN shares her first time experience with STAND with 13 years working in the ED, PCU, Post-Op, and Med-Surg floors of many hospitals to back her up. She claims being a traveling nurse is a wonderful experience, “organizations like STAND make nursing so fulfilling and my dream is to devote more of my off time to medical missions”. She answers your questions about what us (crazy) PTs look like from the outside (she has been married to one for 30 years!) and what challenges she faced. The word “collaboration” has been brought up in  every service interview we have done, so why not scope across disciplines since we should be openly working together already? Tune in, Claire’s accent and stories will keep you entertained. *Side Note: the ministry associated with the orphanage from the interview is called Good Shepherd Ministries*.

Sneak peek of the shirt Claire’s translator bought her. It means “What’s up?”, “Well, nothing is burning”. Her favorite saying in Creole!

To learn more about STAND’s most recent trip (May 25th-June 10th 2018) or to join forces, visit their website and follow their story on Facebook. They can also be found on Instagram @STANDhaitiproject AND Twitter @STANDhaiti.

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