TMTalks: Justin Moore, APTA’s CEO on Keeping the Momentum after the #TherapyCap

I had the opportunity to sit down with Justin Moore to discuss life after the Therapy Cap (I get to archive the audio folder I have marked “Therapy Cap”–bittersweet?) Now that the therapy cap has been repealed, the APTA can shift to other legislation and taking on the home front. But we had some specific questions on the repeal.

Justin answers the following:

  • [1:00] What did it feel like to watch the government shutdown, then have the repeal pass?
  • [2:00] It’s not a full repeal, but we don’t have to worry about the hard cap. What’s the targeted medical review? We still have to use the KX-modifier?
  • [5:00] Reimbursement for PTA services was thrown into the bill last minute to balance the budget. What are your thoughts on that? Is there another battle to fight there?
  • [6:40] There were several things that were in the bill that are advantageous to PTs, including community support, especially in rural areas.
  • [7:15] Some PTAs may feel undervalued. What was the APTA’s strategy when these reimbursement changes came forward, and what will it be going forward?
  • [11:00] While we’re not home health experts, what can you tell us about what was included in the bill regarding changes to home health payment?
  • [13:45] Now what? What’s next on the APTA’s plate?

Fun facts: almost 17,000 PTs and PTAs are signed up for Combined Sections Meeting next week. (Correspondents John LaRue and Ryan Pawloski are head to New Orleans–keep an eye out for updates!)

Stay tuned for more information on the changes to home health!

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