TMTalks: Sections of the APTA: The Academy of Neurologic PT with Dennis Fell, MD, PT

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This is part of our series on the sections of the American Physical Therapy Association. There are section and state chapters; you have to be a member of your state association, but you can choose to be a member of a section based on your area of practice. Dennis Fell, PT, MD, joins us to talk about the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy (ANPT). Dennis has a long history of involvement with the ANPT, and is the current Vice President.

(23 minute listen)

Here are the episode highlights:
[1:15] “You took an interesting path to PT. Tell me more about that.”
[3:00] “I think that there’s just a fascination with the brain and how it operates—we understand so much yet so little about the intricacies in how it works…”
[4:10] “You’ve published a new book—tell us more about that.”
[5:55] “It [the book] was based on the change that I’ve seen in how we treat over the years…we can’t just throw out the examination of impairments, but we have to focus on what the functional problems are…and treat both.”
[7:15] Where can we find the book? Lifespan Neuro Examination, published by FA Davis. ***
[8:00] “What does membership in the neuro academy mean to you?”
[9:15] “The Journal of Neurologic PT is now the official journal of the International Neurological Physiotherapy Association, which is a subgroup of the WCPT.”
[9:55] What is the top priority of the Academy?
[10:35] How does the Academy interact at the international level? Do you send representatives to the WCPT?
[11:15] Integrating research into practice (Beth ***)
[13:11] What do you feel like is the most underutilized thing that the Academy offers?” Hint: it’s the Edge documents
[14:30] The IV Step Conference: a collaboration between neuro and pediatrics.
[16:30] “As neurologic physical therapists, we are not just trying to take advantage of neuroplasticity…the things we do create those changes in the brain.”
[18:00] “What’s your favorite conference?”

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:
Check out the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy:
The Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy
More information on the IV Step Conference
Check out our interview with Richard Shields, 2017 MacMillan Lecturer.

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