TMTalks: Melissa Agrimanakis, PT, DPT, WCC with STAND: The Haiti Project

Have you ever dreamed of taking your Physical Therapy skills to an underserved population and immersing yourself in the culture of the area? Justin Dunaway PT, DPT, OCS and Morgan Denny PT, DPT founded a non-profit organization that carries out this dream. STAND (Sustainable Therapy and New Development) The Haiti Project is a pro bono clinic serving over 900 patients a trip in Port-de-Paix, Haiti. They cover areas such as Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Neuro, adaptive device and prosthetic construction, general medicine and community education panels. Volunteers from across the country travel to join in on this amazing experience only to come home humbled by the resilience and gratitude of the people of Haiti. Welcome to week 2 of the STAND series!

Only those with a passion for wound care can describe a wound as “beefy” and still have a stomach for summer barbecues! Join Melissa Agrimanakis, PT, DPT, WCC (Wound Care Clinician) a Spinal Cord Specialist from Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Charleston, MA as she walks us through her role as the part time Neuro/full time Wound Guru on her last 3 trips with STAND. She shares insight on the difference between wound care in the States and Haiti, describes what types of wounds she sees on a day to day basis, educates us on the challenges she faces and the creativity working in a third world country cultivates. She also describes how she manages to single-handedly drag 200 pounds of donations down to Haiti.

Also, check out the video Melissa talks about at the end of the podcast on social media (@talusmedia)! Below is a sneak peek..

To learn more about STAND’s current trip (May 25th-June 10th) or to join forces, visit their website and follow their story on Facebook! They can also be found on Instagram @STANDhaitiproject AND Twitter @STANDhaiti. You can follow Melissa’s specific blog here.

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