Top People To Follow on Twitter for Healthcare politics

Interested in learning more about the politics of healthcare, or want the latest insider scoops delivered straight to your social media feed? Here are my recommendations for the top accounts to follow on twitter.

Health Policy Correspondents: 

These folks will be your bread and butter. Both through their own content and the content they share via their extensive network of reporters, congressional staffers, and lobbyists.

Topher Spiro: is senior fellow of economic policy and VP of health policy at the American Progress Think Tank. He recently launched the Health Care Voter political action committee

Andy Slavitt: Former Director of Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services under President Obama, Andy offers an insider perspective to the politics of Health Care and Health Policy. He continues to be active in non-profits and NGOs to promote access to health care across the country.
Julie Rovner: As the host of the Kaiser Health News weekly podcast: What the Health, Julie is well connected to health insider info in Washington.


Politicians themselves pass along a lot of information directly through social media which can be helpful to understand what they are thinking and doing. For example press releases or public statements may explain their position on an issue or events directly, or their activity (or non activity) on certain issues can also be enlightening.

I recommend following the following people:
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi
Sen Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
And Sen Minority Leader Chuck Schumer

Add to this list your local Senators and Congressmen

News Organizations:
Are happy to deliver their latest stories straight to your news feed.

The Hill

Kaiser Health News

I have found Vox, The Hill, and Politico to deliver very accurate and timely reporting of the latest political developments. Other major news outlets: WSJ, NY Times, and Washington Post, I prefer reading through my Apple News app or on their websites. Of these 3, I find Vox to lean furthest left, with Politico and The Hill closer to Center/ Center-Left. I love Kaiser Health News for great healthcare focused reporting.

Ian MacMurdie, SPTA, CSCS, voted most likely to be watching CSPAN on a Friday night, loves policy, and a stout ginger beer. Follow him on Twitter here.