What We’re Reading: Feb 7, 2018

This is what we’re reading this week!

Hits to the head may result in immediate brain damage

New studies, both on humans and in animals, may change our understanding of how concussion plays into chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE. The most impactful of the findings – that within days of a head trauma that was NOT identified as a concussion, the blood brain barrier may become more permeable, and fluid accumulation could occur in the brain. This may indicate that contact sports risk the development of CTE even without concussions–Ryan

Manual Physical Therapy and Exercise Versus Electrophysical Agents and Exercise in the Management of Plantar Heel Pain: A Multicenter Randomized Clinical Trial

What are the chances 3 PTs working at the same clinic would all have the exact same impairment? Slim, but possible. Halfway through one of my full time clinicals of 3rd year, we decided to start a competition between the students. Which student can get the best outcomes related to their CI’s plantar fasciitis? While i’ve been exposed to a few plantar fasciitis cases, I wanted to develop my treatment around the good ol, evidence based practice. This study, published in 2009, has been my guide in manual therapy to use for my treatment. Wish me luck!–Cait

9 Physical Therapy Stories That Will Restore Your Faith in Medicine

Buzzfeed crowd sourced some great success stories of physical therapy patients in this article by Anthony Rivas, Buzzfeed Correspondant–Christa

The Power of Talk: Who gets Heard and Why

How do we communicate, and how can it be detrimental? This article is an “oldie” but a goodie, examining how gender and hierarchal interactions can color our discourse. –Ryan

This Article Won’t Change Your Mind

This article examines the intersection of human beings need for community, and the information we get out in the world. It was published to focus on political leanings, but it could be expanded to any topic where we feel a part of a community by holding a certain viewpoint. Its lengthy, but incredibly insightful.–Ryan

US Pays Billions for Assisted Living, But What Does It Get?

Essentially….the federal govement is calling for more regulatory control over assisted living facilities. While they’re covered under Medicaid, few states were actually able to track numbers, incluing instances of abuse or fraud. Interesting read, and might end up affecting elder care in the US.–Rachel

Remarkable Spider with a Tail found in 100 million year old amber

The substance of this article is cool, and they go in to why animals have tails which was neat, but come on…how do you not click on this link when it rolls down your Twitter feed? Its like a mad lib from hell!–Ryan