What We’re Reading: January 17, 2018

Here’s what’s open on our browser tabs, grabbing our gaze, and taking our attention:

Blockchain in Healthcare: 2017 Successes

How technology will continue to change HC is super intriguing to me. The recent hubbub about bitcoin led me to look into how the Blockchain (The decentralized ledger system BitCoin is built around) could change healthcare as well! –Ryan

The Rational Optimist – Matt Ridley

All the doom and gloom that seems to come from our TVs and News Updates had been getting me down recently, so I picked up this excellent book by Matt Ridley. He explains how far humanity has come, and how its defied the pessimistic outlooks of the past that seem so common nowadays. It gave me a lot of perspective on how even in history when the odds seemed stacked against humans, we always find a way to innovate to a solution. –Ryan

The Perk that is keeping Silicon Valley workers healthy – and on the job

This article caught my eye and is a brief window into how some of the most innovative companies in the world approach healthcare. Instead of solely contracting with health insurers and relying on their networks to serve their employee’s health needs, some Silicon Valley tech comapnies are actually contracting directly with providers, allowing for a seamless ability for employees to get care ranging from Primary Care to Physical Therapy to Dentistry. With the general frustration around health insurers, it was an interesting glimpse into how companies cut out the middleman. –Ryan

Benefits and Threats to Using Social Media for Presenting and Implementing Evidence

I think we’re all aware of the constant back and forth on social media–this article lays out both sides to using social media to present research. The good, the bad, the ugly. Because of Talus, I feel like I’ve become even more aware of what the authors refer to as “false positives” on social media–those who talk the talk but maybe don’t walk the walk. This article really hit on many of the things that we see on the Doctor of Physical Therapy Students Facebook page, and more. Fascinating, and makes you go “uh huh.” –Rachel

Ch-Ch-Changes: Tricare Updates in 2018

Because we’ve finally figured out what happens when you add North and South…you get East! Really, this just does a good job explaining what changes you’ll see in 2018 with TRICARE (military health insurance). The title sucked me in, and then I got a good laugh out of the North South East thing….and it’s past my bedtime. –Rachel