What We’re Reading: January 24, 2018

Here are our open tabs this week:


In another episode of “Of course our Government operates that way” a recent CBO analysis says that CHIP funding, which EVERYONE seems to be fighting over, actually saves the United States billions of dollars compared to it not being enacted. CLASSIC –Ryan

Tom Petty died from an accidental overdose of opioids and benzodiazapines

Key word: And. –Rachel

Health care’s “upstream” conundrum

Are we putting enough money into social programs? The answer is no, according to this article. Countries that devote more money to social programs that focus on housing, health, etc decrease healthcare costs in the long run. Now, do we think that will help swing the pendulum? –Rachel

The madness of American Medical billing, in one woman’s tweets

One woman’s tweets of being told that she has to pay her deductible right up front…18 hours before surgery. What’s wrong with the way we bill? Makes me think of my patients who aren’t aware of costs up front, especially those who aren’t aware of how deductibles work. –Rachel

Engaging With Patients on Health Policy Changes An Urgent Issue

Should clinicians discuss health policy and relevant legislation with their patients? This piece from the Journal of the American Medical Association argues yes, and offers one strategy to facilitate that communication. –Ian

No Laptops in the Classroom

Being a student, how we structure our education has always interested me. Seth Godin responds to an Op-ed that called for banning laptops for lectures by asking – why do we give traditional lectures at all? He advocates for a digital approach to education, that gives more freedom to both teacher AND student. –Ryan

Is Social Media Tearing us Down?

I liked this article not because I necessarily agree with its view on social media, but because I think we need to have a real and worthwhile conversation about social media and how we can use it as a force for good, meaningful communication – instead of bomb-throwing. –Ryan